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  • Are you accepting offers that you KNOW are beneath you?
  • Are you settling for less in your career, love/sex life, income, location, home,
    or any other area?
  • Are you burnt out? Feeling like you’ll never be satisfied in life?
  • Are you worried that you can’t get what you want?
  • Are you brand new to manifesting through scripting? -OR-
  • Have you tried to script something better for yourself but been struggling and not seeing results?
  • Is your greatest fear that you’ll never know or step into your TRUE power?
Hey, it’s okay. Seriously. I’ve been there. In fact, I spent many years there—especially in
my 20’s. I worked in jobs that I knew were beneath me, that slowly drained my soul, that actually made me feel dumber just for working there. I’ve accepted relationships, home situations, and income that made me feel disrespected, undervalued, and virtually invisible.
Settling for a sub-par life is devastating. For me, it wreaked havoc on my mental and emotional health, above all. I was anxious and depressed and feeling next to worthless.
But these struggles aren’t age-specific. Everyone deserves to manifest their dream life,
step into their power, and taste real success. Connecting to your true potential can make you wealthier and much, much happier.
One of the greatest turning points for me came when I was 27. I was feeling sorry for
myself to the point that I was literally crying on the floor of the shower. After letting myself get the feelings out, I picked myself up and declared that I WOULD create something better for myself. From there, I was inspired to grab my journal. I scripted my ideal career scenario. I wanted to work from home, make my own schedule, experience a ton more freedom, and be in a field that actually matched my gifts.
Oh, and to make more money. A lot more.
I wrote out a script just once, and not long after, I landed a job that fit the description. Everything started to change. The year that followed my little breakdown turned out to be one of the very best of my life, in fact.
From there, I started applying scripting to many areas besides career/money and witnessed miracle after miracle brought into my life.
There is no limit to what you can accomplish with scripting. This course can help you see that for yourself.
But why scripting?
With scripting, you can up-level every area of your life, if you choose.
You can change limiting beliefs. You can create a healthier mental diet.
You can rewrite any roadblocks that might be keeping you stuck, whether they’re from the past or the present. You can let go of what’s been keeping you imprisoned in the same story that’s wearing you down.

You can literally write the life of your dreams and watch it unfold in the physical.

You can also edit and fine-tune details of your current experience that maybe you just want to change/upgrade a bit more to your liking.

I’ve used scripting to change my life from a reality that made me feel completely stuck, burnt out, depressed, anxious, undervalued, and victimized to one that makes me feel in control. I set my own schedule, including my sleep and work routines. (I don’t even follow a routine, most
of the time.) I go to bed between 1 and 2 a.m. and wake up whenever I feel like it. I usually work a maximum of 3 to 4 hours per day, less than 5 days a week. Yet I make more than triple what I used to when working at
a desk job for someone else that took 40 hours of my time every week
and felt like it was slowly sucking the life and soul straight out of me.

I designed this course to teach you the basics and implementation of scripting for any area of your life.
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Scripting is such an incredible and powerful tool, yet so many folks get caught up in worry about doing it right. Some don’t even know where to begin. This course helps answer all those questions, and provides guidance on exact prompts to use to start changing your reality around to reflect what you really want.
Each module contains a video lesson and sample prompts that guide you into a scripting session of your own so you can start manifesting your dreams.
Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Module one: Deciding that scripting gets to work for you. We’ll review:
  • Affirmations that can help scripting become a powerful, effective force for creation
    in your life
  • Sample prompts for calling in what you want into your experience through scripting
Module two: Scripting to rewrite limiting beliefs. We’ll review:
  • How to identify limiting beliefs that might be holding you back and
    what to do next
  • How to script your preferred beliefs that will aid your manifestations
Module three: Scripting to revise “bad” memories/events. We’ll review:
  • What revision is and how to do it effectively through scripting
  • How to apply scripting and revision to memories and events that seem to block
    you from your desired manifestations

Module four: Scripting to outline your dream life’s routine. We’ll review:
  • How to identify what your ideal routine would be
  • How to use scripting to create a comprehensive outline of every detail
    of this new reality
Module five: Scripting gratitude for your dream life. We’ll review:
  • The importance of gratitude in manifesting
  • How to script using this concept so that you’re much more likely to get what you want
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Bonus #1: My exact script that manifested my work-from-home, freelance writing job that lead to tripling my income, being in control of my schedule, etc. This includes:
  • A reading of the exact script that I wrote in my old journal to manifest the job of my dreams
  • Answers about how exactly long it took to manifest the job after writing the script (I have dates on record for both events), how often I reviewed it, and what, if any, inspired action I took afterward
Bonus #2: Scripting FAQ. This includes:
  • Q&A section where I answer several of the most-commonly asked questions I’ve received about scripting, including how often to reread your script and what tense it should be written in
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Addie Iaccino

Chris is very knowledgeable when it comes to manifestation and all of the tools that one needs to be successful at it. She is one of the most spiritual people I know and I can attest to the fact that she has more than done her research in the area. I truly couldn’t choose anyone more qualified to teach manifestation and Law of Attraction/Assumption techniques. Personally, she has helped me with every question I’ve had over the years we’ve been friends. She is always patient and has always been able to help with everything I’ve needed.
She has introduced me to many different LOA techniques. Through Chris, I have learned about scripting, which I have added to my manifestation routine. She has also guided me into looking into revision as well as subliminal affirmations and meditations which I have found has helped me a great amount.
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Franki DiPrizio

Being lucky enough to call Chris my friend over the past few years is a blessing I can only attribute to manifesting!! Over time, I have been able to cheer her on as she successfully achieved goal after goal, pretty much always getting exactly what she wanted. I can attest that Chris DEFINITELY practices what she preaches. Aside from being a great example of what all coaches should be, Chris also is thoughtful and exceptionally kind. I feel comfortable coming to her with my questions/confusion because I know I’m taking something away from our conversation. On top of that, she is incredibly cool and hilarious!! If you are feeling drawn to consult with Chris,
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Hey! I’m Chris Lacagnina. I’ve been deliberately creating my own reality (i.e., consciously manifesting) for almost 10 years now. I’ve studied everything from Zen/Buddhist teachings to the Law of Attraction to the Law of Assumption. My teachers progressed over the years from Eckhart Tolle to Abraham Hicks to Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy. (These are only a few of them, of course.)

Here’s a little more background about me: I grew up a nerd (hence the “cheat codes” in my brand name—my brain has always associated manifesting with being like cheat codes from video games; wonderful hacks that can make life much easier with relatively little effort, in many cases).
I was shy and quiet. Though I was always creative and had big dreams throughout all my school years, something huge shifted for me right after college: I went through a verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusive relationship.

Then another one. And another one . . .

These took a serious toll on my overall health, self-esteem and what I believed was possible for myself. As a result, I took jobs that were way beneath me. I continued to accept relationships that didn’t give me even
a fraction of what I deserved, the least of which being basic respect.
And I’m still embarrassed to admit this, but I continued to live at home
for several years while I tried to make sense of the trauma.

I consider my “spiritual awakening” to have happened at age 23, after
my first major abusive relationship. At that time, I got heavily into yoga
and meditation. The Zen and Buddhist teachings I absorbed showed me that there was something much greater going on in life than I’d ever realized. That I was much more than I’d ever imagined.

It wasn’t long before I heard about “The Secret” and started diving into the Law of Attraction. Though I experienced success early on by implementing the LOA, it wasn’t until a couple of years later when I found the Law of Assumption that things REALLY started taking off, manifestation-wise. Neville Goddard’s teachings helped turn deliberate manifesting into a much more efficient, reliable part of my reality across all areas.

Today, I consider my own teachings to be a blend of everything I’ve learned over the years. I think they offer something for anyone who wants
to learn how to deliberately manifest, or desires to sharpen their existing manifesting skills. I combine techniques and theories from the Law of Assumption AND the Law of Attraction that make this content more accessible and comprehensible to everyone.

No matter your manifesting background or which law you resonate with most, scripting can absolutely work for you.

Let me show you how. :)
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I'm ready!
Let's script!

By enrolling in this course, you agree to our Standard Terms of Service.


Both legally and morally, I cannot guarantee results or changes to your life via your completion of this digital course.

Any testimonials included on this page may not be typical for every individual and it is beyond my ability to guarantee that you

complete this course as it’s intended. I am also unable to ascertain your unique understanding of conscious manifestation, your history

of manifesting success, your current emotional, mental and physical states, or your personal limiting beliefs. As such, unfortunately

I cannot guarantee you will see results (or positive results) from completing this course and therefore cannot offer refunds.

You consent to this understanding and the above terms upon purchasing this digital course.

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