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Welcome to module two: Rewriting Limiting Beliefs by Scripting!


Think of your desire: What negative thoughts pop up, arguing that you can’t have it, would never get it, or that you’d “mess it up” if you did get it? List them. Then go through each one and challenge it. These are just your limiting beliefs, they’re not cosmic rules. You’re in charge, so you get to rewrite them in a way that’s helpful and supportive.


Write your new set of preferred beliefs, which you’ll decide to be true from now on. Yes, it’s that easy. For example: “I can’t have my dream job because I’m not qualified” might become, “Of course I’m meant to get my dream job because I’m qualified by default." You might write a follow-up that also supports this belief, such as, "I have so many opportunities opening up to me to do the work that I love," or, "My gifts are meant to be shared with the world.”


Repeat this process for every current desire/manifestation in progress. Even those that you set into motion before taking this course.


**Please do NOT discard your original list of limiting beliefs yet! We’ll be using it in the next module.**


Practice these affirmations:


  • I get what I want by default.

  • What I want always comes easily and naturally.

  • I always come up with effective affirmations.

  • Rewriting my limiting beliefs is easy for me, and it always helps me get what I want.

  • I believe my updated list completely and my subconscious mind has accepted these new beliefs already.

  • I already see evidence of my new beliefs in my reality.

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