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Welcome to module three: Revising Memories through Scripting!


Revision is a powerful tool to edit and rewrite our past. Look at your list of limiting beliefs from the last exercise. Do any specific memories come up that may have created them? (For example, maybe a parent told you a long time ago that you weren’t qualified for the job you want or that you didn’t have the right degree

to get it.)


Now use scripting to edit or rewrite these memories. Write a new ending or delete the memory from your experience entirely. You can start it with, “I remember when my parents told me I was smart and qualified enough to have any career that I wanted. I was 13 and we were in the living room. We’d just finished eating dinner as a family. The TV was playing quietly in the background.” Describe where you were and any other details to fully set the scene in your mind. But the most important thing here is the way you feel when scripting the new memory. Focus on the feelings as you write and read your finished script. Stay with these feelings for a

few minutes after you’re done scripting.


When you take on the desired feelings from the revised memory, you’ll know your job is complete.



Practice these affirmations:


  • Revision is easy and effective for me.

  • When I revise my past, the new memory is now true.

  • I experience immediate improvements in my life after I revise.

  • Revision helps me manifest my desires easily.

  • The proper way to revise a memory from my past always comes naturally
    to me.

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