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Welcome to module one: Decide Scripting Works For You!


First, you must decide that scripting can be, and is, a manifesting tool that works for you. Journal on the following affirmations and anything else that pops up to support this idea for you.

Journal prompts:


  • Scripting is a highly-effective manifesting technique for me.

  • I am confident that the desires I script will manifest.


Now free-write on why scripting gets to work for you. Yes, you even get to script about scripting! What are all the reasons why you deserve to see evidence that this simple, yet incredibly powerful tool gets to work on your behalf, to bring your desires into your life? List them.


Practice these affirmations:


  • Scripting works for me.

  • I get to manifest what I want through scripting.

  • The perfect words always come to me automatically whenever I start to script.

  • Scripting flows so naturally and easily for me.

  • I have consistent success when scripting my manifestations.

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