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Welcome to module four: Scripting Your Ideal Routine!


Journal prompts:

Script your typical daily routine in this new reality. How do you wake up? Where

are you? Is someone with you? How do you dress? What’s in your closet? What’s

in your garage? How do you eat? Do you have a chef or food delivered? What are

your daily activities? What does work look like? What does play look like?


And finally, what’s your night-time routine? How do you wind down? Is there

a huge bathtub with jets? Do you get a massage? Ride a horse? Sit outside on

a balcony?


**Go slowly as you envision all details of your new daily routine (and night-time routine). Stay in the feelings it creates. Once you’re done, reread your script, amplify the feelings and hold them strongly for at least 2-3 minutes.



Practice these affirmations:


  • My daily routine reflects my ideal state.

  • I’m so grateful I get to spend my days exactly as I want to.

  • Scripting allows me to manifest the daily routine of my dreams.

  • I have the freedom to use my days as I please, thanks to my master manifesting skills.

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