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Welcome to module five: Scripting Thank You Letters!


Journal prompt:

Write a thank-you letter to whatever power you believe manifests (the Universe,

the subconscious mind, God, Spirit, fairies, etc.). Set it in the present tense of having what you want right now. Detail how having this thing/person/experience makes you feel and how it’s changed your life.


Ex: “Dear Universe,


Thank you so much for my new job. I feel so free being able to work from home! 

I also feel so secure because my income has already doubled. Watching my bank account balance growing so rapidly is so relaxing . . .”


Don’t forget to sign your name at the end! :)



Practice these affirmations:


  • My gratitude letters to the Universe (God, etc.) always help me manifest what
    I want.

  • My desires show up so quickly after I script my thank-you letters.

  • It’s so easy to feel gratitude for already having my desires, now.

  • I script my thank-you letters to the Universe (God, etc.) with confidence
    because I know I’ll get what I want soon.

  • I’ve had so much success manifesting exactly what I want by simply writing
    a thank you letter for it.

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