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Chris Lacagnina's debut novel is available NOW!


SideQuest: Diary of an Ex-Fangirl is the first in its series, but the author has plans for

many more to come! Make sure to join the mailing list for future updates.

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SideQuest: Diary of an Ex-Fangirl

Sometimes, maybe it really is better not to meet your idols.

Zelda has been following the rock band SideQuest ever since she was a preteen. Now age 24, she’s met them so many times they remember her by name. Her devotion for the group runs deep, and it’s the type of affection that only a dreamy-eyed, naïve girl could understand.

The boys of SideQuest are heroes to many, including Zelda and her BFF (and fellow superfan), Heather. At least, they were—until Music Video Nation hosted a cruise called the Awesome Escape. In such close quarters, certain secrets—and truths—are bound to be exposed. Even worse, the image Zelda’s held of her favorite band for all these years is about to be challenged. Majorly. The question is: will her lifelong love for SideQuest be strong enough to offset the disillusion?

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